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Catherine Karina Chmiel-Guglska

This is yet another of my absolute favorite artists. I found her, of course, through my love of Tolkien, and we share the same favored characters of both Boromir (Lord of the Rings) and the sons of Feanor (Silmarillion). ^_^

Catherine is a Polish illustrator whose works I have fallen in love with and am constantly thrilled and inspired by. Her ink pieces are particularly wonderful (especially since it remains a mystery to me, as to how to use ink… I’ve yet to claim the tools to try it) with its boldness. One day I shall have to attempt it, I’m sure.
The strength of her characters is really beautiful, their strong features and deep emotions that really show through the eyes and expressions. *sigh* Her works are what want me to be an illustrator (or at the least have that style to my personal drawings… all I illustrate is my own novel -_- ).

Catherine’s English website can be found here.

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